89 drivers for last round of Enemed National Hillclimb Championship

On Sunday the 8th November Island Car Club organised the fifth and last round of the Enemed National Hillclimb Championship of 2020.

Dylan Galea on Opel was the fastest guest of the day while Peter Hansen in his Peugeot was the fastest driver over 60. Charles Cutajar in his Ford Escort was the fastest in a Rear Wheel Drive car. Dorian Galea in a BMW and Andrea Scicluna in an Opel won the Drifting and Autocross classes. Aaron Refalo on Hyundai, Chris Tabone on Honda and Robert Muscat on Subaru won the classes for street legal cars and Refalo was also the fastest driver under 25 years. Stephen Micallef on Fiat and Joseph Agius on Mini won 2 classes in group 1, Chris Aquilina on Subaru, Etienne Grech on Citroen and Edmond Azzopardi on Mini won 3 classes in group 2.

Didier Bugeja on Peugeot and David Galea on Subaru won class 2 and 3 of group 3 and finished the day as the Fastest Front Wheel Drive car and the Fastest Four Wheel Drive car. James Dunford on Norma won Group 5 class 5, while Jean Vella on a Jedi and Kenneth Camilleri on a Dallara won Class 1 and 2 of Group 6. Jonathan Grech on Datsun won the Classic Standard Class and Clifford Debono on Triumph won the Classic Modified Class.

Matthew Zammit on his AMZ284 finished the day as the third fastest driver, followed by Ivan Paul Deidun on his IDR that finished second overall, also winning Class 4 of Group 5. Both cars, that of Zammit and that of Deidun are cars that they built up themselves.

The overall winner of fifth Round of the Enemed National Hillclimb Championship was once again Keith Camilleri. Camilleri won four rounds of this championship, losing only the fourth round at Mizieb to Darren Camilleri. This makes Keith Camilleri as mathematically the Champion of the 2020 Enemed National Hillclimb Championship.

Isalnd Car Club will be publishing the official result for all the classes for the whole championship later.

This championship attracted 89 drivers, including four new drivers in the last round. With events running smooth again after the stormy fivr years during which the club was faced with huge challenges to apply for permits, due to increase in safety, the current Island Car Club Committee, it’s drivers and members are looking forward for an even bigger and more exciting 2021 National Hillclimb Championship.

During these last five years Island Car Club saw a drop in participants but it seems that with good work and cooperation with all involved the sport is back on track. All those considering taking part next year, now is the time to get in touch with Island Car Club.