Watch: 58 people rescued by Aquarius disembark in Malta was broadcasting LIVE from Haywharf the disembarkation of the 58 people rescued by MV Aquarius 2. The people on board the patrol boat P52 arrived at about 2.15 on Sunday afternoon, and the disembarkation started shortly afterwards. The asylum seekers were taken to Marsa were their processing would start. Along the 58 came a white dog which a family had brought with them on board the boat with which they escaped from Libya. The asylum seekers included as well a woman who is 23 weeks pregnant according to Doctors Without Borders. A spokesperson for the Armed Forces of Malta said that in total there were 18 minors on board.

In a Tweet Doctors without Borders announced that the people on board the MV Aquarius 2 have just been transferred to the Maltese Authorities for Disembarkation. The people were rescued in two separate rescue operations carried out by the Aquarius which rescued 47 and 11 people, one of which is a woman who is 23 weeks pregnant. The people will disembark at Haywharf at noon. The people will be then transferred to other European Member States following an ad hoc agreement.

On board the Aquarius are 58 people that were rescued in two separate operations. The first operation rescued 11 people that were on a small fiber glass boat, and claimed to be Pakistanis and Ivory Coast, it included one person claiming to be a minor.

The second rescue operation, saw Aquarius rescuing 47 people, out of 17 are women, 17 children including 3 under 5 years and a pregnant woman.

The people claimed to be from Libya, Syria, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco, and Sudan (north).

The transfer took long to happen due to bad weather conditions where waves were reaching some 2m in height.

The Italian authorities had pressured the Panamanian authorities into withdrawing the vessel’s registration. France had refused to offer a safe port to the people rescued, thus, the transfer of the people to the Maltese authorities would occur in international waters before the vessel proceeds to Marseilles in order to regulate its position.

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