57 register for FIA MMF young drivers training programme

57 young drivers, ranging in age from 8 to 25 years old, have been approved by Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) for phase 1 of the FIA MMF Young Drivers Training Programme which started on the 6th July 2000.

At least four girls have registered their interest to participate in the programme, along with 10 other participants without any previous motorsport experience, and more than 35 participants under the age of 16 years.

The programme will be delivered by the FIA approved team of experts, including former driver and motorsport expert Khalil Beschir, who will be leading the programme as well as Formula 1 coaches and trainers, Martin Poole and Simon Fitchett, who is also a Mind Performance Coach

Participants will be receiving training in a number of areas including fitness, nutrition, media, sponsorship and career development. Experts will be carrying out a detailed analysis of each participant performance in all aspects of the programme, in order to improve their racing driving skills in Phase 2, which is going to be held in September at the Island Karting Club karting track at Hal Far.

The top performer participant from this programme will be given a free one-week training camp with one of the leading motorsport racing teams in karting or Formula 4. Participants will have to do their utmost to impress and show full commitment to the training experts not only with their driving skills but also their attitude and professional approach to all aspects of the programme.

Tonio Cini, President of the MMF commented that the overwhelming number of participants registered in this programme portraits the great interest there is in Motorsport in Malta. This training programme is in line with the strategy set by the Federation and compliments our focus on searching for potential drivers who are keen to improve their skills. We would like to thank the FIA ​​for giving MMF this opportunity to hold the course, and parents who are supporting their children into this programme.”

Khalil Beschir said, “We are looking forward to start the official FIA MMF Young drivers training programme in Malta, as we keep hearing about the growing potential of motorsport in this island and we can’t wait to deliver Phase 1 and discover the level and work of the participants together with MMF on developing young drivers and motorsport in general in the country this year and hopefully in the years to come.’’

Susanne Fenech, Secretary General of the MMF stated that she is particularly pleased that this project has finally come to reality after several months of preparation and delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She is very grateful that the FIA have decided to go-ahead with the programme by doing Phase 1 online. As the saying goes, ‘Teach them young, teach them right’ and that is what the MMF is doing by supporting this programme. The local motorsport community will surely benefit from this initiative and we hope to find a future Motorsport Champion, wherever they are, whoever he or she is.

This content was supplied by the Malta Motorsport Federation