Another 530 migrant workers to return home after losing their job

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

530 migrant workers consisting of both European citizens and third country nationals are being assisted by the Foreign Affairs Ministry to return home after they lost their job after the outbreak of the coronavirus in Malta.

This was announced by Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo in a Facebook post. Among those to be repatriated are 300 Indian and 230 Colombians.

The global coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a economic crisis leading to loss of employment.

To date, 1,998 individuals, most of which were from Italy, have been repatriated.

  • 633 from Italy: 404 going back by sea and 229 going back by air;
  • 282 from Serbia
  • 260 from Albania
  • 211 from Colombia
  • 131 from Spain
  • 97 from France
  • 76 from Bulgaria
  • 41 from Macedonia
  • 32 from the UK
  • 29 from Greece
  • 25 from Poland
  • 21 from Turkey

Minister Bartolo thanked the workers for their contribution. The government is currently assisting migrant workers who would like to return home by subsidizing their flights.

More workers are seeking repatriation after 2,269 European citizens have applied to be repatriated. Along with these EU citizens are their 350 children. Additionally 3,131 third country nationals with their 306 children have applied to be repatriated.

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