50,000 reservations and 200,000 diners served through TableIn in 12 months

The online restaurant booking platform www.tablein.mt from Yellow has made over 50,000 reservations and booked 200,000 diners in the last 12 months. This is an outstanding achievement for the tablein restaurant platform.

Tablein is a perfect booking solution for the local restaurant industry, as it helps customers to book a table at their  favourite restaurant while on the go with reservations are confirmed instantly.

Conceived as an end-to-end solution for restaurants to improve ease of booking and reduce restaurant administration, tablein.mt has helped restaurateurs to attract more online reservations, increase guest capacity, decrease no-shows and save time. Tablein can be integrated with the restaurant’s existing Facebook page, restaurant website or other sites.  It allows for customers to check availability in real time and reserve tables for free. It also sends automatic confirmations via SMS and/or e-mail.

Restaurants can manage their reservations with a calendar tool along with a visualised table plan. Since Tablein is a cloud-based service, reservations can be accessed remotely at any time, any place, and is available in over 25 languages.

Tablein.mt is free to try for for two weeks and is available starting at €39 a month with no commission. 

This content was supplied by Yellow.