50 new police sergeants appointed

Community and Media Relations Unit, Malta Police Force

Fifty police constables have been officially promoted to the rank of sergeant in a ceremony that took place at the Police Headquarters in Floriana on Friday afternoon.

The ceremony – in which 34 men and 16 women were made sergeants – was presided over by Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà and Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri.

Gafà informed the new sergeants that it was now time for them to implement what they had learned, to show that they were capable of uniting a team, motivate their subordinates and show vision.

“Those of you who will be serving as sergeants in police districts need to ensure you stay close to the people, so that we can truly develop a partnership with the public. As for those of you who will be deployed in an investigative role, I urge you to employ the utmost caution,” the commissioner said.

“Make sure to prioritise the victims of crime,” he added. “We need to show empathy and put ourselves in their shoes to truly understand what they must be going through.”

Camilleri reminded the new sergeants that they had sworn an oath to serve the country, and told them that they would be taking on a new role in an exciting period for the force.