5 reasons to attend the European Startup Hub online pitching session

This content was supplied by European Startup Hub

The European Startup Hub is running its third pitching event on Saturday 5th June 2020. The first two events, were very successful with a number of European startups pitching their ideas, discussing and matching with potential co-founders.

Here are five reasons why you should attend this week’s online pitching session:

1. It will help others know about you

We all know that the hardest bit having a start-up is having people know about you and what you are doing. Marketing and outreach can be very expensive too. You will get all of this free

2. Be mentored by successful entrepreneurs in various industries

Let us match you with some of the best mentors in your industry. You will receive guidance and mentorship throughout your startup journey.

3. Get motivated

Motivation is the fuel that keeps most entrepreneurs going through the hardest times. Being surrounded by other ambitious people, who share the same passion, is a wonderful way to feel once again motivated to be the best version of you as an entrepreneur.

4. Master your pitching skills

Practice is everything – through pitching on the stage you are learning, you are becoming better and better at it after every single pitch.

5. Expand your horizon

Meeting new people is exciting. Attending international networking and pitching events is the way to not only meet with entrepreneurs from different countries, but also to understand better other cultures and even to learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.

You may reserve your ticket here. You may also send your pitch in advance to email: info@europeanstartuphub.com.