5 MPs spend night on Lifeline

REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny

Five European Members of Parliament joined the migrants stranded on board the rescue ship Lifeline. The five MPs spent Sunday night on the ship in a bid to secure a port for the ship. They spent four hours negotiating in vain with the Maltese and Italian authorities according to Lifeline. The ship is currently stranded some 40km off the Maltese coast, with 234 migrants and 17 crew members on board.

Lifeline is still awaiting for a final destination where it may dock, after the ship had rescued hundreds off the Libyan coast last week.

According to a CNN report another ship that belongs to the Danish company Maersk is rescued some 113 migrants and is also stranded in the Mediterranean.

Earlier on Monday the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini met with his Libyan counter part in Tripoli. Salvini thanked the Libyan coastguard for saving 820 migrants at sea. The migrants were taken back to Libya.