5 escape from detention centre, but 4 recaptured

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Five asylum seekers detained at the Ħal Far detention centre managed to slip out of the complex at around 10:30am this morning.

However, freedom proved to be short-lived for four of them, with a police spokesman confirming to Newsbook.com.mt that they have been recaptured and taken back to the centre.

Under Maltese policy, asylum seekers who reach Malta are detained while their application is processed, with two barracks – in Safi and Ħal Far – being used for this purpose. This spring saw the controversial use of pleasure boats to detain asylum seekers – with the government insisting that it was waiting for European countries to accept their resettlement – only for the practice to be stopped after unrest erupted on one of the boats.