5.6kg of cannabis intercepted & seized at MIA


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A total of 5.6kg of of cannabis was elevated and seized by customs at the Malta International Airport after a female passenger arriving from Spain raised suspicion.

In a statement the Malta Customs said that the woman was selected for xray screening by officials.

Irregularities on the scan lead to a subsequent search on both the passenger and her belongings. The irregularities turned out to be bags containing a green substance. The substance underwent a narcotics fields test which indicated that it was cannabis.

The Police Drug Squad was informed and they arrested the passenger. The passenger will be arraigned in court in the coming hours.

Earlier on Sunday, the Customs department announced that €11,650 of undeclared cash were elevated by the anti-money laundering team at the Malta International airport’s departure lounge.