49-point trust gap between Abela and Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Robert Abela is trusted by 62.5% of the population according to a survey carried out by MaltaToday, while only 13.5% of respondents said that they trusted Opposition Leader Adrian Delia.

It remains to be seen whether Abela is enjoying a honeymoon period, but the 49-percentage point gap marks the biggest gap between the leaders of the two political parties ever registered in these surveys. Abela’s trust rating is the highest ever achieved by a party leader, while Delia’s rating is the lowest he’s received in two years.

As can be expected, given the wide gap, Abela comfortably leads Delia among women and men, across all age groups and in all of Malta’s regions. Moreover, 22.5% of those who voted PN in 2017 said that they trusted Abela.

The young were more likely to express trust in Abela, with the Prime Minister securing the trust of 64.6% of respondents aged between 18 and 35, compared to just 9.4% who vouched for Delia. In contrast, Abela fared worst among those aged 65 and up, but he still secured the trust of 58.9%, while only 20.9% expressed trust in Delia – which still amounts to his best performance.

In a political activity this morning, Delia said that the easiest thing for him to do was to leave, but he insisted that it would not be the sensible move. He said that he had a duty to keep fighting for the country, and challenged Abela to make the most out of the popularity and power he currently enjoyed by cancelling the contract which handed over the management of three state hospitals to Steward Health Care.