47 fined over Floriana celebrations

Following the celebrations by Floriana FC supporters on Monday evening, the Police issued a total of 47 fines to individuals who were not observing social distancing measures.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the government intends to refund fines issued for those who were caught breaching coronavirus measures depending on the circumstances.

A Police spokesperson told Newsbook.com.mt that Police investigations led to the issuance of €3,000 fines towards two particular individuals who are also being accused of breaching Legal Notice 100/200 after they organised a mass event without any permits.

The rest, 43, were issued with a fine for breaching Legal Notice 208/2020. The Legal Notice states that people who gather in groups of more than six are not permitted.

A person will also face charges for threatening a Police Officer and another will face charges for blocking a road with a car during the celebrations.

On Monday Floriana supports descended on the Granaries celebrating after the Malta Football Association Council declared Floriana as the new Malta football champions. This was in an apparent breach of the social distancing rules currently in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The Premier League was stopped in March. At the time Floriana had 41 points, ahead of Valletta and Hibernians.

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