46 migrants in distress in Malta’s SAR zone

Updated 03:09 PM
Sea Watch

The Armed Forces of Malta have been called by the humanitarian NGO Alarm Phone to rescue a boat in distress carrying 46 migrants.

On Twitter, Alarm Phone said that the migrants are on board of a rubber boat in distress in Maltese Search and Rescue zone. About an hour ago, the NGO lost contact with the boat.

Amongst the migrants, there are pregnant women and three babies.

According to the NGO, the boat’s engine is not working and they need immediate rescue. Alarm Phone said that the migrants made contact with them twice. The second time to inform the NGO that the water is entering the boat.

The NGO said that the migrants had been at sea for at least 24 hours and that authorities in Malta are informed of the situation.

In the meantime, a government spokesperson explained told Newsbook.com.mt that the government has not received this information. The spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office also told this newsroom that the government is dealing with such issues on a daily basis and in cases when a migrants’ boat is sinking a rescue mission is always launched. The spokesperson also said that Malta has limited resources to assist and the issue needs to also be directed toward the European Union’s institutions.