4,572 parents receive in-work benefits in 2019

Over 4,500 received in-work benefits – provided to low-income working parents – last year, with expenditure on the benefits reaching a total of €3.91 million.

Figures tabled in parliament show that 2,837 men and 1,735 women were in-work benefit recipients last year. These include 521 Gozitan recipients – 402 men and 119 women – who received a little under €472,000 in in-work benefits last year.

In-work benefits were introduced in 2014, with the stated aim of encouraging parents to take up gainful employment and helping those on low incomes.

Through the benefits, single parents of dependent children under 23 years of age, with an annual income ranging from €6,600 to €17,130, can receive up to €1,350 yearly per child.

Working couples whose collective income ranges from €10,000 to €24,630 can receive up to €1,300 per child, while couples where one parent works and earns between €6,600 and €17,130 can receive up to €550 per child.