4,318 workplaces inspected by OHSA during first 3 quarters of 2020

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Hazards which could cause death were identified at 400 out of  4,318 workplaces visited, during the first 3 quarters of this year, by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority. In a statement issued by OHSA, the hazards present were deemed serious enough to potentially cause death or serious physical harm.

OHSA said that these cases will continue to be followed up to ensure that the workplaces become compliant and in all these instances, administrative fines were issued or judicial proceedings commenced once OHSA’s investigations were finalized.

During the same period of time, 258 entities and individuals were issued with administrative fines for breaches of occupational health and safety legislation committed during the preceding months. The fines ranged between €250 and €1000 depending on the severity of the case.

The most common infringements were the lack of provisions to prevent falls from heights, construction site project supervisors not adhering to OHS general principles of prevention and construction site clients not following the recommendations of the project supervisor.

The visits to workplaces by OHSA varied from micro to large enterprises in the manufacturing, construction as well as services sectors amongst others.

In situations where the danger is significant but not high, improvement notices are issued, instructing employers to remedy the situation within a reasonable period of time.

Until September, improvement notices were issued to nearly half the workplaces visited which amounts to 1,968.

During the same period of time, OHSA also vetted 3,380 equipment examination reports and is waiting to commence legal action against a further 450 individuals for breaches of occupational health and safety legislation.