430 more registered unemployed in May

The Covid-19 pandemic continued to contribute to a rise in unemployment last month, with the number of registered unemployed increasing by 430 in May.

National Statistics Office figures show that 4,409 people were registered unemployed at the end of May, which represents an increase of 2,740 persons when compared to May 2019.

With much of the increase in unemployment occurring during the pandemic, 3,437 have been registered unemployed for less than 21 weeks. A further 342 have been registering between 21 and 52 weeks, while 613 have been on the register for more than a year.

The register comprised 2,659 men and 1,750 women, with their number increasing by 230 and 200 respectively since April.

The largest proportion of registered unemployed – 1,583 – are aged 45 and over, with a further 1,520 aged between 30 and 44. A further 573 are aged between 25 and 29, 536 between 20 and 24 while the remaining 197 are in their teens.

The vast majority – 4,006 – are on Part I of the register, which comprises school leavers, re-entrants into the labour market and individuals made redundant, and who are thus eligible for unemployment benefits. The remaining 406 are on Part II, having either been dismissed due to disciplinary action, left work on their own accord, refused work or training opportunities or struck off Part 1 after an inspection by law enforcement personnel.