56 migrants disembark in Malta

Updated 03:57 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

NGO Alarm Phone has stated that the 43 migrants at sea found by a merchant vessel have been rescued, and have disembarked in Malta. The Ministry for Internal Affairs has confirmed with Newsbook.com.mt that it’s actually 56 migrants.

These included 30 males, 10 females, 13 children and 3 infants.

The NGO Alarm Phone, who raised the alarm regarding the people at sea, stated that they hope all of them survived considering the dangerous weather.

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On Twitter the humanitarian NGO said that they feel relieved the migrants are still alive or hope they still are. Alarm Phone said that due to the weather the vessel cannot rescue them and is only providing shelter.

On Monday, Alarm Phone announced that 43 migrants close to the Maltese SAR zone are at risk of dying. The NGO also claimed that it tried to get through to RCC Malta but either they failed to pick up or immediately hang up and MRCC Rome told them they should continue to try.