400 patients making use of medical cannabis

Around 400 patients are making use of medical cannabis in Malta, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne said on Tuesday.

The use of medical cannabis was introduced through a legislation in Parliament in 2018, Health Minister Fearne told those present at the Medical Cannabis World.

Speaking about the sector, Fearne highlighted three main challenges which need to be overcome for the benefit of the patients and industry alike. According to the Health Minister the first challenge is that of education, saying that patients making use of it should be educated on its use. Secondly, only 32 doctors have prescribed medical cannabis, with Fearne observing that this number is relatively small when one takes into account the number of practitioners in Malta. He added that more research and evidence is needed. This will help those doctors who do not yet trust the use of medical cannabis make up their mind.

The third challenge highlighted by Fearne is that of counterfeit products which tarnish the industry. He underlined that one needs to follow the regulations set by the Medicines’ Authority to ensure that the product is safe.

‘For the sector to be sustainable, we have to work together,’ the Health Minister concluded.