Watch: 40 investigated for stolen vehicles racket involving Libya and Malta

Two Maltese are among the 40 people under investigation in Italy after police in Ragusa unveiled a ring which saw stolen luxury and commercial vehicles transferred to Malta onto Libya.

Italian news sites reported that 40 people are under investigation for their involvement in a transnational criminal association specialising in money laundering and theft of commercial vehicles from Italy which would then be shipped to Libya via Malta.

Officials from Ragusa’s Traffic Police and Mobile Squad have recovered some 30 luxury cars which were bound to be transferred to Malta from Pozzallo. Their value is estimated to be more than million in euros.

The police also recovered an unlicensed rifle, stolen number plates, vehicles and spare parts, falsified and stolen documentation during their investigations.

The police carried searches on 50 people, putting 40 under investigation. According to 33 of the 40 under investigation are Italian, a Tunisian, 4 Libyans and 2 Maltese.

The Italian news site reported that the investigations started in 2013 until September 2016. From the investigations it resulted that Sicilians and Calabrians through a Maltese intermediary were put in touch with Libyan businessmen who sought to buy luxury and commercial vehicles at a price less than market price. The vehicles would be then transferred to Malta before being transferred to Libya.