Updated: AFM rescues 44 in Maltese SAR

Monique Agius

Updated Saturday 9.55am

44 individuals were brought to Malta on board AFM vessel P52 early on Saturday morning.

The migrants were rescued in Maltese search and rescue region by the Armed Forces of Malta. A spokeswoman for the AFM said that the people were brought in to Hay Wharf base at around 5.45am.

Asked whether it was the same case which migrant hotline Alarm Phone had written about on Twitter, AFM could not confirm, saying that there are currently several cases and this was one of the groups rescued.

40 migrants in distress rescued by AFM – Alarm Phone

Read: 40 people in Maltese SAR in distress – Alarm Phone; No information – AFM

Maltese authorities are believed to have told the humanitarian organisation Alarm Phone that the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) has rescued around 40 migrants that were in distress in Malta’s SAR zone.

At around 5.00pm, the AFM told Newsbook.com.mt that they had no information on the case in question.

On Twitter, the NGO expressed its satisfaction that the migrants are now safe.

Alarm Phone had tweeted that at around 3.20pm, it was informed that a boat that had departed from Libya was in distress in Malta’s search and rescue zone. It added that it had contacted both Maltese and Italian authorities; and the boat was carrying around 40 people, seven of whom were women.