350 Solidarity Meals daily during Covid-19 crisis

Solidary Meals is preparing and distributing 350 meals to people in need. The campaign with the slogan Ikla Bnina Kuljum aims at providing a lifeline for those families and individuals struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Alfred Mizzi Foundation (TAMF) has long been involved with supplying the needy with cooked food and provisions mostly through its Kitchen at Dar Papa Frangisku and Food Bank Lifeline.

‘Nobody should go hungry’

The Chairman of the newly set up Solidarity Meals, Julian Sammut said that nobody should go hungry. The initiative is made up of The Alfred Mizzi Foundation with the support of Alf. Mizzi & Sons (Marketing) and Vecchia Napoli.

‘The negative effects of COVID 19 are still to be fully felt and it will be the vulnerable who will suffer them; the poor, the old, the unemployed will be feeling helpless as their lives take a sudden turn for the worse.’ TAMF Chairman, Julian Sammut remarked.

‘The Foundation’s worst fears are fast becoming reality. There are so many people out there who are lost, people who have never found themselves in such a desperate situation before. No one must go hungry, no one must beg. Together we can ensure that nobody does. We as The Alfred Mizzi Foundation are fortunate to have generous funds, passed on from Alf. Mizzi & Sons, at our disposal, to help make a difference.”

Caritas distributing the prepared food

Solidarity Meals project is supplied with most of its provisions from AMSM (Alf. Mizzi & Sons Marketing) and delivers 350 meals daily to distribution centres around the island where volunteers led by Caritas (Malta) ensure that the meals are taken to people in their homes.
Vecchia Napoli has converted one of its dormant kitchens into a meal preparation hub and its idle chefs are now active again to prepare the meals.

“Each week a menu is prepared and we ensure variety and well-balanced meals. Our mission is not one to just fill stomachs but to provide nutritious food and keep people strong and in good health”, said Julian Sammut.

The campaign is currently providing 350 meals a day but it is expected that this number will increase to 1.000 a day over the next few weeks. The Chairman of the campaign added that they can keep this going for two to three months. Following that he said that they may need support too. “We don’t doubt that we’ll get this and welcome any help that comes our way especially fresh fruit and vegetables, there is great enthusiasm all-round”, said Mr Sammut.

Solidarity Meals may be contacted on jdebattista@vecchianapoli.cm.mt or through The Alfred Mizzi Foundation info@thealfredmizzifondation.com.

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