35 new COVID-19 cases; ‘Back to where we were in mid-August’

Updated 07:44 PM
Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Thirty-five new cases today is comforting because it indicates that maybe we are not in the exponential route predicted by many models for the initial stage of an epidemic, said mathematician Professor Josef Lauri.

“However, after yesterday’s shock, the epicurve which keeps track of two-day totals shows that we are back to where we were in mid-August. If yesterday’s number was a fluke then we should expect a somewhat rapid downturn now. But the time and opportunities lost have brought us uncomfortably close to moments of difficult decisions by the health authorities just when our daily numbers are still high,” continued explaining Prof. Lauri.

Malta has hit the highest number of cases on Wednesday as 106 cases were registered in 24 hours. The highest number of daily cases since the start of the pandemic.

In his comments to Newsbook.com.mt, Professor Josef Lauri said that “it is useless to blame one side or another. We are a very small country and, to some extent, we are all to blame. We must, more than ever, be more strict in observing mitigation measures, we must be flexible enough to adopt different ways of playing our roles in society than the ones we are accustomed to, and some sectors of society must help other sectors more badly hit by the epidemic.”  

35 new coronavirus cases from over 2,000 swab tests

35 new coronavirus cases were registered overnight after 2,536 swab tests were carried out in the last 24 hours, the health authorities announced on Thursday. The total number of active cases increased to 601 and 25 more patients made a recovery.

The Ministry for Health explained that from yesterday’s cases 20 were family members of known cases, 2 were direct contacts of other positive cases, 51 were from St Joseph Home cluster, 3 from Casa Antonia home for the elderly and 2 were imported. The rest, 28, were sporadic cases.

Yesterday’s cases also include two Gozo residents, according to Xagħra mayor Christian Zammit, who quoted official sources which he spoke to after receiving numerous queries on the matter. None lived in his home town, he specified.