Farrugia smells a voting rat; Commission not impressed

Luke Zerafa

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Dr Godfrey Farrugia leader of the Democratic Party suspecting voting irregularities today lodged two complains with the Electoral Commission which immediately answered that all was well. Farrugia said that he was not impressed by the answers of the commission

No to blind faith

Farrugia’s first complaint with the Electoral Commission was about the answer given by the assistant commissioners to a blind woman’s request  to vote for “Dr Farrugia”. She was allegedly informed that there was no “Dr Farrugia” on the ballot,

The candidate for the MEP elections also complained that at particular voting station in Zebbug a pencil instead of a pen or permanent market was being used to strike off cancelled votes; the implication being that the mark could be erased. He said that he himself saw this being done and objected immediately. According to Dr Farrugia the response was that they were given a pencil and not a pen by the Electoral Commission.

Farrugia’s complaints show that he has no blind faith in the Commission.

A pencil is enough – Commission

The Electoral Commission in its prompt reply denied that there were any irregularities.

Regarding the first complaint the Electoral Commission informed the leader of the PD that the Assistant Commissioners serving in that particular school were reminded of how to deal with persons asking their help to vote.  The Electoral Commission insisted that the Assistant Commissioners were to simply ask the person concerned – ‘which candidate do you most want to be elected?’ (Liema kandidat tixtieq li l-aktar ikun elett?)”.

In its statement the Commission did not mention any further action taken towards the forgetful Commissioners except to gently jog their memory.

The Commission commented also about Farrugia’s complain on the use of pencils instead of pens to mark cancelled votes. The Commission said that a pencil was good enough adding that marks by this type of pencils were difficult to erase.

Farrugia not impressed

Farrugia was not impressed by the answers of the Commission saying that he was not satisfied as the electoral process should not be darkened by any shadow of doubt.

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