Watch: 30-hour radio marathon kicks-off this morning

Updated 01:22 PM

The 103 Marathon for Dar tal-Providenza is back and this year Arthur Caruana has teamed up with Ron Briffa, Ian Busuttil Naudi and Jes Saliba. Fr Martin, Director of Dar tal-Providenza provided the first update during a live link on Facebook.

30 siegħa maratona b’risq id-Dar tal-Providenza

Posted by 103 on Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Artur explained how the Dar tal-Providenza and radio have a direct connection since it’s very start 55 years ago.

Monsignor Michael Azzopardi, Ecclesiastical Assistant General of The Malta Catholic Action had, for some time, nursed a ‘dream’ that would help improve the quality of life of people with disabilities who for one reason or another could not stay any longer with their parents.

On the 12th September 1965 he aired his idea during a radio programme – that of opening the first residential home in Malta for persons with disability. A young lady who heard the programme was so moved by his idea that she sought him out and gave him a cheque for Lm100 (around €230) – money she had saved for a holiday.

For the full 30 hours, Arthur, Ron and Ian will entertain the 103 Malta’s Heart listeners as they will also be accompanied virtually, due to the coronavirus pandemic, by many bands and personalities including the Maltese Bishops.

Last year Arthur presented a 30-hour marathon which netted in almost €13,000 for id-Dar tal-Providenza.

How can you help this year?

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