30 corpses donated to University of Malta every year

The Anatomy Department at the University of Malta receives 30 corpses every year, donated for student research and studies.

Prof. Jean Calleja Agius, Department Dean said that today is the 100th anniversary of the Department having received permission to use the lifeless bodies donated to them. This coincides with the inauguration of the garden at the University of Malta dedicated to those who donate their bodies to students for studies.

Prof. Agius added that around 160 students studying medicine use 50 corpses in their studies.

She explained to Newsbook.com.mt that the University introduced the donation system on the Department website which requires donors to indicate that they would like to donate their corpse to the University when they die. She explained that a relative of the donor must sign the forms. The Professor remarked that the number of people who donate their bodies is increasing. 

The Rector for the University of Malta Prof. Alfred Vella said that the garden is a token of appreciation towards the donors and that the garden will attract other people and not just students.

Watch the full video here.