3 years on, hundreds of families still waiting for family graves – MDA

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) has urged the government to find a solution to the unacceptable delays in the delivery of the Addolorata Cemetery extension project, as hundreds of families are still waiting to acquire a family grave three years after paying the hefty deposit.

In a statement, the MDA said that it is being inundated with complaints by many families who, more than three years ago, were asked to sign a promise of sale agreement to buy a new grave and had to pay a deposit of some €4,000 each.

It also alleged that these same families are now being asked to extend their promises of sale further.

The Association remarked that the extension of the Addolarata Cemetery, including the construction of some 2,280 new graves was approved by the Planning Authority in 2016. It added that although graves were sold at €8,000 each, no new graves have been delivered yet as stipulated by the conditions in the signed contracts.

The MDA will keep following this issue and warned that it will ask for compensation on behalf of these families if the Government’s procrastination continues.