2nd place for Malta in international Mental Mathematics Challenge

This is the best result ever achieved by Malta in this challenge, with an overall second place.

This annual mental mathematics international championship is a mathematics competition for students aged between 6 and 15 years old. Maltese students in different year groups, in both primary and secondary schools, have participated in one of nine different categories depending on their age.

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257,259 students of 45 nationalities participated in the 13th edition of the Supermatik Mental Maths Challenge.

This competition promotes interest in mental mathematics and it provides students with another opportunity to reinforce their skills in number and mental calculations through constructive play. Nonetheless, this competition aims at honing and celebrating talent in mental mathematics.

The Ministry for Education and Employment commended all the schools that embraced this opportunity, stating that class teachers, together with their Senior Leadership Teams and educators supporting these schools, including the Maths Support Teachers (Primary) and the Heads of Department (Mathematics) have provided yet another learning opportunity for the students.

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