290 aircraft registered in Malta

The number of registered airplanes has doubled since 2012. This means that there are more than 290 registered aircraft and that the number of Air Operator
Certificate holders increased from 18 to 35 over the same period of time.

Minister of Transport Ian Borg said this during the 7th Annual Mediterranean Business Aviation,  which was organised with the aim of connecting commercial aviation in Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East.

According to the Minister, this increase is a result of the introduction of the Aircraft Registration Act in 2010 and the amendments that followed. These helped in establishing Malta as an aviation hub with a strong yet flexible legal framework.

Borg also pointed out the fact that Malta is benefiting from Cape Town Convention discounts. These discounts go up to 10%, and apply to aircraft financing transactions that are backed by export credit agencies in relation to aircraft operated in Malta.

Minister Borg added that currently, several operators are discussing the possibility of increasing their fleet and the establishment of new operators with the Civil Aviation Directorate.