29 serious disciplinary cases investigated by PSC

Miguela Xuereb

The Public Service Commission (PSC) annual report revealed that although during 2019 there were 29 serious disciplinary cases that could have lead to the dismissal of the civil servant only one civil servant was dismissed.

During 2019, 465 people requested a review by the PSC on decisions which deemed them ineligible to take a position in the civil service. The commission decided that 25% should have their applications considered eligible.

According to the PSC annual report for the year 2019, most of these requests were made before the results of the call for applications were published.

The 465 requests concerned 259 calls, for which a total of 5,236 applications were received.

The reviews requests were for – 41% were considered ineligible due to lack of qualifications, 18% due to lack of experience, 12% due to the result they obtained in the exam or test, 11% due to shortcomings in their application, 9% due to insufficient understanding Maltese, 6% for submitting the application late, and 3% for other reasons.

The largest number of requests – 121 – concerned departments within the Ministry of Education portfolio. Another 130 concerned the Ministry of Health, 30 of which positions fall under the joint responsibility with the Ministry of the Family.

The PSC, after investigating these claims, decided that 127 applicants should be considered eligible, while confirming the original decision in the other 338 cases.

133appealed the decision.

The PSC also received 133 petitions from people who insisted that the result they received after applying did not reflect their merits.

Of these, 26% insisted that their experience was not well marked, while 24% complained about their qualifications, 20% about their knowledge and 16% about their skills.

Almost half of the petitions – 63 – concerned the Ministry of Education, while 25 concerned the Ministry of Health.

By the end of 2019, the PSC had accepted 21 petitions and rejected 110: 2 were still pending.