Is it a trough or are numbers really falling asks expert as 29 new coronavirus cases registered

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

29 new coronavirus cases were reported by the health authorities on Tuesday following 2,116 swab tests in the last 24 hours. Earlier on Tuesday, the health authorities have reported another coronavirus-related death.

There are 517 active cases after 85 made a recovery. To date, 3,035 coronavirus has been registered in Malta since the outbreak in early March.

Mathematician Prof Josef Lauri told “Are daily figures going down or have we hit another trough? If you compare the epicurve where it is today with previous patterns, it could be both. We see that the total for the last two days has exceeded the total for the previous two days. This sometimes is a glitch on the way down the curve or it could mean the beginning of another sequence of increasing numbers. The total for the last two days we have now puts us at the peak position where we were in the first phase of the epidemic. But conditions would have changed. We might be, for example, less careful or more careful than we were then (use of masks, for example). So we can hope that this is momentary and that in the next two days we shall resume a downward trend.”

The cases reported on Tuesday are still being investigated.

From the 27 cases reported on Monday, 7 cases were family members of previously known cases, a case was a direct contact of another positive case, a case was from St Joseph Home cluster, two cases were imported, two cases were contacts of positive colleagues, a case was from Paceville cluster and a case was related to a social gathering were other positive cases have been detected.

Monday’s medical bulletin
COVID-19; 27 new cases; 41 recoveries

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