2,898 registered unemployed in November

The number of people registered as unemployed stood at 2,898 in November, representing a decrease of 216 persons when compared to the previous month.

Data provided by JobsPlus to the National Statistics Office shows that the number of people registering for work is on a downward trend following a spike that coincided with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. The number remains 1,226 higher than that recorded in November 2019.

The register now comprises 1,855 men and 1,043 women. 156 of those registering for work are under 20, 282 are aged 20-24, 294 are aged 25-29, 931 are aged 30-44 and the remaining 1,235 are aged 45 and over.

The number of registered unemployed alone does not give the full picture, however, as not every unemployed person may choose to register.

Other measures of unemployment suggest far higher numbers: the latest edition of the Labour Force Survey, which covers the third quarter of the year and which was published on Tuesday, indicated that the unemployment rate stood at 4.6%, representing over 12,500 people without a job.

And while JobsPlus has continued to supply registered unemployment numbers regularly during the pandemic, the latest available statistics for the number of registered jobs – which are also supplied by JobsPlus – only cover January, before the pandemic took hold. Consequently, the number of jobs lost in Malta as a result of the pandemic remains unclear.