275 students still do not have free transport

Around 275 students attending non-state schools still do not have free transport.

This according to Education Minister Evarist Bartolo after announcing the BUS20+ scheme. He said that the Ministry will keep working to find transport for the students still on the waiting list.

Students in State, Church and Private Schools are all entitled to having free transport. However, at the beginning of the scholastic year, 829 students in non-state schools still did not have free transport. This number went down to 810 in October, according to an answer to a Parliamentary Question by PN MP Karol Aquilina.

Bartolo explained that the logistics of school transport for non-state schools was never the Ministry’s responsibility. The Minister added by saying that the Ministry will carry on working to find transport for those who still don’t have it.

14,500 students attending state schools and 13,500 students of non-state schools are using the transport service; a total of 28,000 students. The Minister explained that there are 186 registered operators, and 1,184 vehicles are being used at the same time to provide the service.