27 migrants ‘kept as prisoners by Malta” – Alarm Phone

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Humanitarian NGO Alarm Phone stated that for four weeks, 27 migrants have been kept prisoners by Malta on the Cargo Ship Etienne.

Four weeks of their right to freedom and asylum has been violated, said Alarm Phone on Twitter.

The NGO also mentioned how these 27 migrants are suffering as they face uncertainty since they do not know if they will be brought to Europe or pushed back to Africa.

On the 5th of August Newsbook.com.mt reported that a cargo vessel saved 27 people in distress in the Mediterranean and was heading for Malta.

On Twitter, Alarm Phone had confirmed this information with the owners of the vessel Etienne, Maersk Tankers. It is now being reported that the cargo vessel is running out of supplies.