25 shops caught stocking contraband tobacco and alcohol


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Customs inspections over the past 4 weeks have found 25 retail outlets which have been stocking contraband tobacco and alcoholic drinks.

In a statement, Customs said that its inspections focused primarily on groceries and supermarkets, bars and restaurants, hotels, wine bars and cafes. However, inspections were also carried out on souvenir shops, wine and spirits outlets, barbers’ shops, pet shops and green grocers.

Customs ended up seizing 16,026 contraband cigarettes, 530 bottles of spirits, 47 bottles of wine and 5kg of shisha tobacco. They also seized 93 tins of snus, a form of chewing tobacco which is illegal within the EU except in its native Sweden.

The department’s legal office is now evaluating these cases, so that all legal proceedings may be initiated against all those involved.