22-year-old case ends in 9 month jail term


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A drug trafficking case stretching over 22 years has concluded in a man being handed down a sentence of nine months of imprisonment.

Police had raided Carmel Spiteri’s home in Ta’ Giorni in 1997, suspecting drug-trafficking activity. They had spent some time observing the man, and a couple was searched by the Police after they were seen exiting his home. Two packets of what was suspected to be cocaine, as well as other documents, were found on their person.

The raid uncovered €6,000 in cash, €480 in cheques, foreign coins and a gold cross. A glass jar in the garden was found to be containing 50 grams of cocaine.

Magisrate Ian Farrugia said that the case had been assigned to Court in 2013, due to a fire which had broken out in a courtroom in 2004. This fire led to a number of documents being destroyed, and therefore, the case records had to be reconstructed.

Magistrate Farrugia deplored the delay but stressed that drug-trafficking was a serious crime. He handed down a nine-month prison term as well as a fine of €1,500.