2 telemedicine centres set up

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Primary Health Care has set up 2 telemedicine centres.

In its daily coronavirus update, the Government said that these centres will provide support services to clients who have questions on subjects of a medical nature or to address doctor house visits to the Telemedicine Centre. The centres operate 24 hours a day throughout the week.

The Telemedicine Centre also takes care of the medical monitoring of COVID-19 patients who are sent into quarantine at their homes after these recover, as well as patients who are in quarantine at their homes. One may use these services by calling 21 222 444 or 21 231 231.

The Government announced that 13 persons were fined €100 each during the continuous patrols that the Police are doing in order to ensure that there are no groups of more than 3 people gathered in public places. No one was found breaking obligatory quarantine during the 696 inspections carried out in the last 24 hours.

The authorities said that on average, in Malta one person in 39 has been tested. The health authorities set up 4 test centres while robotic apparatus was bought in order to process up to 800 tests a day.

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