2 fined for breaching mandatory quarantine while 5 fined for group gatherings

Miguela Xuereb

Two individuals who are under mandatory quarantine have been fined after they were not found at home during the continuous rounds being carried out by the Police and the Environmental Health Officers on Thursday.

Five people were each fined €100 for gathering in public as a group in the last 24 hours.

This was announced in the daily coronavirus bulletin issued by the government.

A fund for entrepreneurs and researchers

The government also announced the ‘Takeoff Seed Fund’ which is aimed at entrepreneurs and researchers who want to develop their ideas. The government will be providing €100,000 to this fund, intended to stimulate innovation and revolutionary entrepreneurial ideas in these difficult times of the pandemic.

Researchers and entrepreneurs can benefit from a maximum of €35,000 so develop their ideas.

On Thursday, another two cases of coronavirus were registered in Malta while six individuals were declared to have successfully recovered. A total of 413 individuals have recovered from the virus since 7 March.

The health authorities have reminded the public to wear masks in public and practice social distancing. They hope that the public will continue cooperating in order to lift more restrictive measures.

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