Photos: Finnish diver based in Malta is honoured in Thailand

Diver Mikko Paasi was honoured by the King of Thailand for his bravery in saving the 12 boys and football coach who were trapped in the caves complex in Thailand last July

Paasi is a Finnish national with a diving establishment in St Paul’s Bay. He had left Malta in July to form part of the team that rescued the 12 boys and their coach from the caves in Chiang Rai after they were trapped in following floods in the area. Together with his wife, he attended the honours ceremony in the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand which also celebrated the lives of the boys and their coach. There, he also had the opportunity to meet up with the boys who are now all in good health. 

Paasi said that he feels very grateful and humbled by the honour bestowed on him and the other 113 divers who helped in saving the boys’ lives and he dedicated this honour to Saman Kunan, the diver who lost his life in the rescue operation.