190 Ryanair passengers receive invalid cheques

Ryanair passengers who received compensation for cancelled or delayed flights were requested to pay extra fees after banks refused the cheques, which were invalid.

According to BBC, up to 190 passengers received compensation with unsigned cheques. Consequently, one passenger complained of having to pay €20 to the bank after waiting for 11 months for the compensation.

Ryanair apologised and explained that it was an “administrative problem”. The cheques were re-distributed with a letter of explanation on the 15th of August.

According to Ryanair figures, more than a million passengers endured cancelled or delayed flights in Europe since last April.

The pilots’ walk-out on the 10th August resulted in the cancellation of almost 400 flights.

The Civil Aviation Authority encouraged passengers caught in strikes to apply for compensation.

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost carrier said that the delayed flights were a consequence of bad weather and air traffic.

As as solution to “speed up boarding and cut flight delays”, Ryanair is enforcing new rules regarding luggage allowance on flights.