19 PN MPs list reasons why PN Leader should step down; Delia responds

Updated 09:04 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

19 Partit Nazzjonalista MPs who have voted against PN leader Adrian Delia in a secret ballot held this week have listed down reasons on why he should resign.

In a joint statement issued on Friday afternoon, the MPs insisted that Delia should step down in the national interest and in the best interest of the party. They remarked that with each day that goes by, more harm is being done to the country and the party.

On Tuesday, during a long PN parliamentary group meeting held at the party’s headquarters in Pietà, Delia lost a vote of confidence with 19 votes to 11.

On Thursday, MPs Chris Said and Claudette Buttigieg made their way to the San Anton Palace in Attard and informed President George Vella that Delia no longer enjoys the support of the majority of MPs in the Opposition parliamentary group and that they were nominating Therese Comodini Cachia in his stead. President George Vella then met with Delia and held individual meetings with a number of MPs including Beppe Fenech Adami, Jason Azzopardi, and Mario de Marco.

Late on Thursday evening, Delia addressed party supporters through the party media and vowed that he would remain on both as party leader and as Opposition leader. He said that he was ‘hurt’ and ‘angry’ due to what was happening, however, the paid up members of the party had voted him in and wanted him there, insisting that he was not going anywhere.

President Vella continued consulting with Opposition MPs on Friday. The Opposition Leader nominee Therese Comodini Cachia was spotted entering San Anton Palace at around 3.15pm. President Vella is verifying whether or not, Delia still enjoys support as an Opposition Leader.

In their joint statement, the 19 Mps said that three years after Delia was given “a mandate to lead the party, to strenghten its structures, to lead a strong Opposition and prepare for a general election, he has not managed to achieve that which was entrusted to him. They maintained that his position was no longer tenable and gave a number of reasons.

The MPs remarked that Delia failed to unite PN voters and cited the results of the mid-term MEP elections and several political opinion polls.

They accsed him of “creating an almost irreparable divide” among party members and activists, as a result of his attitude and decisions.
Delia also failed to clear “the large number of serious allegations” that have hounded his term. The MPs noted that he has spent much of his time defending his position from such allegations.

The MPs noted that Delia refused to step down from the party, and accused him of continuing to make the sort of ill-judgement which continues to damage the party three years on.

The MPs said that it was in the spirit of the interest of the countryand the party, that they had declared they no longer supported Adrian Delia as Opposition Leader. The same 19 MPs unanimously agreed that Comodini Cachia should be appointed as Opposition Leader as provided for in the Constitution of Malta.

If appointed, Comodini Cachia will be the first woman to serve in the role.

“I will continue to work relentlessly and with a clear conscience” – Delia

In his response, Delia has stated that the appropriate legal submissions have already been made by him with the President himself at his invitation, and it does not seem appropriate that while the President is deliberating on such a sensitive matter, it should be lost in a public debate when the same deputies did not even approach him about it.

In a statement, Delia insisted that on other hand, he once again reaffirms his loyalty to the members and in full observance of the party’s statute. He added that he will remain loyal to the oath of his Constitutional appointment at all times.

According to the PN Leader, he will continue to work relentlessly for our country with a clear conscience and without fear or influence.