19 PN MPs issue message of hope for the PN and for the country

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The 19 Nationalist Party MPs who do not want Adrian Delia to remain at the helm of the Nationalist Party and a leader of the Opposition issued a statement on Sunday to convey a message of hope for the country and for the Nationalist Party itself.

The MPs said that they are continously analysing the current political situation within the party and that they can also understand the level of anger, worry and frustration of the party members who have voted to elect the party leader.

The 19 MPs said that they will make sure that any decision taken or that will be taken by them will be in the best interest of the party members, of the party itself and above all in the best interest of the nation.

They also said that they believe that the Nationalist Party and the Opposition should be led by an honest and credible person who puts the national interest above everything and not put his personal interests first. The MPs also stated that they believe in the mechanism provided by the constitution which will ultimately lead the President of Malta to appoint a leader of the Opposition.