184 migrants land in Lampedusa; 15 stranded at sea

Facebook: Matteo Salvini

184 migrants have arrived at Lampedusa on Friday. The 184 people came on board a number of small boats.

Earlier, Newsbook.com.mt sent in questions to the Office of the Prime Minister about another boat stranded in Maltese Search and Rescue, however no reply was given until the time of writing. The Armed Forces of Malta replied to Newsbook.com.mt saying that they had no information on the case. The Italian news outlets have reported of a boat left adrift in Maltese Search and Rescue as the boat ran out of fuel. The boat is carrying 15 Tunisian migrants. Italy has asked Malta to intervene on the case.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini during his address at a summit in Vienna spoke of “innovative and efficient solutions” to deal with migrant arrivals including sending the people back to Tunisia on scheduled flights.

Salvini took to Facebook saying that people on board seven speedboats were allegedly in Maltese waters on Thursday evening. According to Salvini the Maltese authorities did not do their job.