18 new school transport operators

The Ministry for Education announced that 18 new school transport operators will be working alongside the previous 57 operators so that Church and private school students have access to free school transport.

This was announced in a press release issued by the same Ministry which stated that this confirms its commitment towards ensuring that students attending church and private schools have access to this service.

However, it seems that 75 transport operators are not enough to meet the high demand for this service, hence the Ministry is working towards finding more operators.

A five year agreement is being signed. Around 42,000 students will be making use of this service. Dr Frank Fabri, Permanent Secretary for Education said that 12,300 state school students make use of free transport, and this amount is expected to increase by 4,000 students. On the other hand, 11,300 children attending church or private schools make use of this service. This amount is expected gradually increase by 10,000 students.