18 Mosta roads to be resurfaced

Photo by Kevin Abela (DOI)

Eighteen residential roads in Mosta are to be rebuilt over the coming 18 months, in a project which, Transport Minister Ian Borg said, was prioritised due to the state of the roads.

Earlier today, the minister paid a visit to the Tad-Dib area of Mosta where Infrastructure Malta was overseeing roadworks, and observed that a custom contract was prepared to carry out emergency work because of the inconveniences they were creating for residents. The contract is outside of the €700 million seven-year project which will see the resurfacing of roads across the country.

Borg said that similar custom contracts were expected to be issued for time to time whenever a similar need is observed in other localities.

“We have a government which delivers on promises and seeks to deliver its success to the people through plans and high quality projects. We have a government that listens and we heard the complaints of Mosta residents and made plans to solve this problem,” the minister said.

“We understand that the local council is not in a position to make interventions of this magnitude and we thank the Mosta Local Council that collaborated fully with us and helped to identify a number of roads.”

Focus on tad-Dib area

Works have already begun on Triq San Silvestru and Triq il-Familja Cumbo in the Tad-Dib area, as well as on Triq San Pawl tal-Qliegħa and Triq tas-Sriedek elsewhere in Mosta.

The other roads slated for resurfacing are Triq Alofju Wignacourt, Triq Kumbu, Triq il-Ballata, Triq il-Bdoti, Triq Silvestru Fiteni , Triq it-Taħħan and Triq Vnezja in the Tad-Dib area, as well as Triq il-Kbira, Triq il-Waqqafa, Triq Madre Tereża Spinelli, Triq Rużar Briffa (Żokrija area), Triq ta’ Bistra, Triq Manwella and Triq Rużinjol.

Photo by Kevin Abela (DOI)

Resurfacing works will also include works on services, foundations, pavement and road signage as necessary.

“We have always believed, still believe and always will that everyone deserves quality infrastructure, whether in the roads they travel on or just outside their own front door,” the minister said.

“We believe that we should go into every project with a widespread vision. The time for half measures is over.”