177 immigrants prohibited from setting foot in Catania

Although Diciotti, the Italian coast guard ship has been in the port of Catania since yesterday night, none of the 177 immigrants aboard have left the ship as they wait for countries to accept them after conflicts between Italy and Malta.

This is according to the Italian newspapers who have claimed that Italy will not allow the immigrants to step foot in the country before the European Union finds a solution for the distribution of immigrants.

The Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini wrote on Facebook, that “Before you ask for the immigrants to disembark the Dicciotti, I think you should ask for an explanation from Brussles and the European governments.”

He claimed that when the 450 immigrants arrived in Pozzallo last July, only the French government followed through with the original promise of taking 50, by taking 47 people. Malta, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, countries which also were to take 50 immigrants, did not keep their word.

He continued by saying that Europe should open an inquiry against the immigrants’ stories who say that Malta is finding immigrants, accompanying them and then abandoning them in Italian waters in dangerous conditions.