17 months later, still no standards for politicians

Although the law to regulate the standards in public life was approved 17 months ago, the legal advice, necessary for this law to be enforced has not been published and the Commissioner for standards in public life has not been appointed either.

These standards apply for all Members of Parliament, including the members of the Cabinet and those appointed in a position of trust.

There have been no updates regarding who will occupy the role of Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, which must be agreed upon by two thirds of the Parliament. This career will be valid for five years and the person will not be eligible to be appointed for the next terms.

This law will initiate the Parliament Committee which will evaluate the breach of the Code of Ethics and in case of violation the MPs themselves decide on the sanction.

Government Whip Byron Camilleri contacted Newsbook.com.mt and said that he will bring up the subject regarding the appointment of the Commission for the standards during the Labour Parliamentary Group in a few days’ time.

Newsbook.com.mt sent the same qustions to Government Whip Robert Cutajar, as well as to the spokesperson for Partit Nazzjonalista, however no answer has been received as yet.

During a meeting with the Speaker, Chairman for Alternattiva Demokratika Carmel Cacopardo explained that both sides of Parliament are dragging their feet to introduce the Standards of Public Life Act.

According to the Act, “position of trust” refers to a person engaged in the private secretariat of a Minister or Parliamentary Secretary to advise or act as a minister counselor or for the Parliamentary Secretary. It also refers to having an executive role at the Ministry or the Parliamentary Secretariat and when the person has not been engaged in accordance with the procedure laid down in the public sector.

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