Watch: 17 Black revelations ‘an act of treason,’ Delia insists

Updated 09:17 AM
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Mhux biżżejjed li l-Prim Ministru Robert Abela jgħid li hu diżgustat bid-deal korrot fil-Montenegro. Aħna lkoll iddiżgustati. Bħala Prim Ministru għandu jieħu azzjoni minnufih. Ikeċċi issa lil Konrad Mizzi u Joseph Muscat, jiġu investigati minnufih huma, Keith Schembri u dawk kollha nvoluti f'din is-serqa ta' €10 miljun, u jroddu issa l-flus lill-poplu Malti u Ghawdxi. Nindirizza konferenza tal-aħbarijiet. 🇲🇹

Posted by Adrian Delia on Friday, June 19, 2020

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Revelations that murder suspect Yorgen Fenech made millions off Enemalta’s purchase of a Montenegrin wind farm – through the secret company linked to Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri – constitute an act of treason, according to Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia.

Enemalta paid €10.3 million for shares in the wind farm, only two weeks after a company called Cifidex had purchased them for €2.9 million through a payment transferred by Fenech’s 17 Black.

Delia said that the revelations shed new light on how the public was robbed by a Labour government, and insisted that the greatest priority should be given to investigating them. However, he argued that this could not happen at present, since “the same people who stole from the public and weakened the police force are still around.”

Delia was adamant that political responsibility could not be assumed by Mizzi, Schembri and former PM Joseph Muscat alone, but by the entire government,” which covered for them and gave them full support, in spite of knowing everything.”

The PN leader questioned how much Prime Minister Robert Abela had known about the claims, as a former consultant to Muscat. This, he said, conditioned Abela’s leadership and threatened the country’s reputation.

He insisted on “immediate action from the independent institutions, and from the government; and above all, I expect what has been stolen to be returned to the Maltese people.”

Investigation on alleged election bribe ‘proves police do not investigate all they should’

Delia was asked by on police investigations into allegations that Fenech had offered the party a bribe to prevent the re-election of MEP David Casa last year, and said that this was proof that the police force did not investigate all that it should.

He noted that the claims were made a year ago, but the police had done nothing: no one had spoken to him or to any party officials.

The PN leader questioned the timing of the revelation of the allegation, noting that it coincided with the revelation of a scandal implicating the government.

Delia had also issue a statement on the matter, stating that after he had signed an affidavit denying the bribe took place, the Labour Party’s media failed to respond to his challenge to provide any evidence of wrongdoing to the police.

He said that he was pleased that the police were finally acting on this matter, and said that if the police were free to act, they would not have waited so long.

Party insists on arrest of Mizzi, Schembri, Muscat

In a press release issued earlier in the day, PN deputy leader David Agius and home affairs spokesman Beppe Fenech Adami insisted that Muscat, Mizzi and Schembri should immediately be “arrested, investigated and brought to justice to pay for their actions.”

They said that this was a moment of trial for Abela, and that the time had come for the “web of corruption spun by Joseph Muscat and his friends to be destroyed once and for all.”