17 Black legal spat forces Schembri-Busuttil case to be adjourned

Today’s libel proceedings between Keith Schembri and Simon Busuttil, were adjourned early after the lawyers argued over Schembri answering questions over secret company 17 Black.

The Chief of Staff to the Office of the Prime Minister, Keith Schembri, was expected to testify against allegations made by the former PN leader Simon Busuttil over Schembri receiving financial kickbacks.

Busuttil had made the statements in a speech in March of 2016, he made at a protest in Valletta on corruption.

However, before cross examination of Mr Schembri could commence, the two lawyers started to argue over the inclusion of questioning about his name appearing in leaked emails linking him to the secret company 17 Black.

The company was reported to have paid large sums into a Panama company in which Schembri is named.

Following the breakdown of decorum, the Magistrate Francesco Depasquale adjourned the case until March 7th in order to decide on a decree over the inclusion of 17 Black evidence.

This is how Simon Busutill responded to the adjournment: