164 drivers have lost their license to the point scheme to far

DOI: Clifton Fenech

164 people have lost their licences due to the new penalty point scheme which started a year ago. Anyone who reached 12 points for breaking traffic or road regulations had their license revoked.

This was said by the Transport Minister Ian Borg during a visit to Valletta where a number of stands were set up as part of a Transport Malta campaign in an attempt to awaken public conscience for better driving.

He encouraged the public to arrange for alternative means of transport which don’t require their attention if they plan on drinking alcohol. The Minister said that it is important to consider safety. He announced that, to this end, the enforcement section of Transport Malta will be strengthening controls over taxi drivers, van drivers, and others who give their services during the festive season. Minister Borg also had words of praise for all those involved in the Simon Schembri Blue Light Foundation, including Simon Schembri himself.

Transport Malta chairman Joseph Bugeja meanwhile spoke of €1,000 raised by Transport Malta after the authority sold a signed Brazil football kit via auction. The authority then doubled the amount and presented it to Simon Schembri to be passed on to the Foundation.

DOI: Clifton Fenech