16 new officers join LESA

DOI - Omar Camilleri

Following 9 weeks of training, 16 new community officers are set to join the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) next June.

A total of 16 recruits attended the training sessions, 10 male and 6 female recruits. The training sessions cover both theoretical training, which includes personal appearance, learning about laws related to the duties of the officials and supervision in the community, as well as practical experience which involves physical training, basic self-defence, traffic management and training on the use of modern equipment. All of the 16 recruits successfully completed the course, which took place at the Academy for Disciplined Forces.

Minister for National Security Michael Farrugia, Minister for Local Government Owen Bonnici, and Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Silvio Parnis attended the event on Saturday to present the certificates to the recruits.

The Disciplined Forces and other entities, frequently work together such as the Customs Department, LESA, and Transport Malta have to continue working as a team to maintain a safer country, said Minister Michael Farrugia.

Minister Owen Bonnici expressed the opinion that through this course, the officers were given the right tools to perform their duty.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis explained how local enforcement is no longer limited to traffic offence but is also thriving in other important areas such as education and the environment.